Sunday, March 15, 2009

Leave the Design of Logos to Professional Designers

Logos should be very simple, right ? Right. Then it must be very simple for one to make one, right ? Wrong! Though logos are supposed to be extremely low in details, thus using very few colors, the process of their creation can be very difficult. So it is OK to have some sort of idea of how you want the logo of your brand / company / product / service / whatever to look like, but it is not good to do it on your own. Why, you may ask ? Because there are people who earn their living from that. Those are called Designers. It is their experience, education,creativity, patience and efficiency that we are talking about. So cases when a person that works in a totally unrelated field or has never had a clue about art at all, but still has designed his own logo and now it is a successful, well-recognized brand are extremely rare. (Still, congrats to the honorable exceptions).

One more thing I would like to point out, don't be afraid to pay money for a good logo! Remember that customers are going to recognize your logo to identify and relate it with your brand! But there is one other thing here, too. Make sure you have a very well established business idea before you decide that you want a logo. Nobody wants to be recognized as a miserable failure of business. Having your thoughts cleared, it will help the logo designers to quickly determine how do you want it to look like, in case you have no idea about that. (Unfortunately, this is often the case... Even worse, people know what they don't like, but they can hardly describe what do they like until they see it). Designers often write design briefs before they start shaping your logo. So it will be good for both sides if everything is planned before it is implemented. Do not look on that part of the process as delay, but try to look at it like refining the details instead.

Oh, yeah, in case you are not able to answer crucial questions that your designer may ask you while he/she is writing the design brief, such as "How is your product different from the others?", you probably are not serious enough or your business idea is not good in first place. It is warmly recommended that you cut your losses and do not even hire the designer nor anyone else in such cases. You may want to reconsider your business plan or read some guidelines about writing one.

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