Monday, March 16, 2009

There are (logo) design principles, after all!

Yesterday I read an interesting post discussing on how much are designers willing to go against the very basic design principles (yes, there is such term) in order to make their customer happy. There were noted some funny (but true, I'm afraid) situations when a customer comes and asks the designer to make something totally stupid in sense of design, even making him/her feel embarrassed of his creation. Well, the customer is always right, isn't (s)he ?
In general, yes, I also think that one should do what his "employer" tells him / her to do, because of a simple reason: it is designer's financial source. Someone said that if it is a good designer we are talking about, the portfolio should be thick already, so hiding some artistic (mis)work would not affect the overall reputation. I agree.
On the other hand, guys, think about it. You are no expert's in design! Come on. That is why you hire a designer to make something for you in first place. I have been in similar situation, and it's a terrible feeling indeed. I am not going to list the design principles here, but I am going to give some tips to `business guys who want their logo designed`:
  • In addition to my previous post: Try to let designers do their job... do not just interfere with silly suggestions
  • If a designer trully advices you not to do add / remove something within the logo... think about it for a moment. Maybe (s)he is right ?
  • Something very specific: Do not ask them to add Clipart images. They look... ugly, and associate on amateurs
  • Something very general: KIS(S) - Keep It Simple, (Stupid). Do not ask designers to make higly-detailed logos. The logo is not supposed to show everything you can do. Thus, the more details there are, the harder to remember.
  • Do not ask for colourful logos. Stick to 2 or 3 colors, not more. Colorful logos might look fancier, but the sad thing is, they are not so attractive from buyer's perspective.. So do not enforce your designer to use all colors from the palette
  • Especially, don't ask the designers to make logo that is similar to your competitions'. Trust me, you will not gain part of their popularity that way.

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